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Shining Starz PreK

With mind, body, and developmental skills growing at a rapid pace, your child is excited to learn more! Our program is designed to keep up with your child’s boundless need to absorb information and develop new skills. We provide your child with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning. Our Shining Starz PreK program offers the following centers:

  • Literacy Center helps children build their language skills
  • Art Center promotes free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination
  • S.T.E.M Center encourages a desire for different career choices, which will give children an idea on what they would like to do as they grow up 
  • Dramatic Play Center encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
  • Math Center lets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies
  • Reading Center promotes children’s desire to read and a love of books
  • Science/Sensory Center allows children to experiment with materials
  • Writing Center promotes the child’s ability to write letters and words through different learning methods 

By the completion of Big Starz Childcare Center & Preschool Pre K Program your child would have developed the following:

  • Understand and describe relationships using quantity and number; and communicate about distance, weight, and dimensions
  •  Sort, order, classify and create patterns
  • Explore spatial relationships; understand shape concepts; and use mathematical problem solving
  • Demonstrate scientific inquiry skills and communicate scientific ideas clearly
  • Demonstrate understanding of family, and their own culture and ethnicity, geography, and community economics
  • Participate in dance, visual arts, voice and drama while exploring the use of instruments and objects to express creativity
  • Demonstrate awareness of cause and effect; use prior knowledge to build new knowledge; demonstrate problem-solving skills


Our staff here is committed to your child's success by ensuring that the following skills are foundational in your child's academic structure:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Engage in self-expression
  • Demonstrate strategies for reasoning and problem-solving
  • Increase capacity for self-control
  • Develop relationships with adults
  • Develop relationships with peers


The way our classrooms are academically structured our teachers make sure that the following elements are embedded with the classrooms and learning structure daily:

  • Practice safe, healthy habits
  • Participate in activities related to nutrition
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the body in space and its relationship to objects in space
  • Use senses to explore the environment and process information
  • Demonstrate gross motor skills
  • Demonstrate fine motor skills
  • Demonstrates initiative and self-direction
  • Demonstrates interest and curiosity
  • Sustains attention to a specific activity and demonstrates persistence
  • Engages in a progression of individualized and imaginative play
  • Demonstrates a cooperative and flexible approach to play
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